Let’s dance

I went out this weekend for the first time in a long time. We are enjoying one of the last warm weekends for the next 8 months (yay Canada), a good DJ is touring and I was in the mood for a drink of two. In short, the conditions were perfect for a hot night on the town.

When I go out I like to dress up – high heels, tight dresses, make up and hair done. I want you to look at me and like what you see. I go out to dance and this bar had a great vibe. The floor was full but not crowded and the DJ was playing tracks that made you move.

I spotted him at a nearby table and smiled when our eyes met. Game on. I kept glancing over hoping to see that he was checking me out and I wasn’t disappointed. He couldn’t keep his eyes off me as I swayed to the beat of the music. I flirted that way for a while, dancing more and more seductively until I had given up hope that he would come over. I had had a few drinks and I was having a pretty good time all by myself. My hips became one with the baseline as I moved my hands up and down my body, caressing my best assets, feeling sexy. I looked up and suddenly he was there.

He threw some clich├ęs at me and I got bored quickly. I hate small talk and I don’t do pick up lines so, I decided to take control. I grabbed him by the hand and lead him deeper on to the dance floor. He had two left feet so I had to lead. Grinding my ass on to his cock, I felt him get hard. I guided his hand along the length of my body until they reached my wet pussy. We danced like this for a while, with me teasing him and getting closer to climax until neither of us could take it anymore.

Glances were exchanged and it was his turn to take my hand. He lead me up several flights of stairs in to a small bathroom at the back of the venue. We bashed in to the door as we kissed passionately. I dropped to my knees and pulled down his pants, desperately wanting to feel his cock in my throat. He was already rock hard. All for me.

I sucked him hungrily, taking special care not to neglect his balls with my tongue. The dirty bathroom floor was hurting my knees but I didn’t care. That look in a man’s eyes when they are enjoying my oral skills makes me forget everything around me. Once he was dripping with my spit I started working him up and down with my hand to the beat of the music from down below. I forced him deeper in to my throat until I was gagging up thick slimy spit all over him, dripping down my face on to my tits in my low cut dress. I stopped for a moment to look up and appreciate my handiwork.

“More?” I asked coyly.

He just groaned and grabbed the back of my head, forcing his cock all the way down my throat. I could feel his strength as he finally let his animalistic side take control. Fuck my face. Harder. Harder. Make me gag. Come on!! I felt the warm wetness as I tasty his salty treat. Yum. I love a good night out at the club.

“Can I get your number?” He asked

I smiled as I walked away without a word.



I feel my stomach start to flutter as I call him up. Will he be free? Will he want to see me? Years ago he made my blood pump. The anticipation would build for days while I waited until I could sneak away. When the opportunity finally presented itself I would jump. He answers my invitation without hesitation, he never hesitates when it comes to me.

When we arrive at his place we fall in to an easy routine. There is polite conversation about old friends, new flings, work and school. It took years to master the subtle cat and mouse games we play but we’ve managed. Every action is soaking with flirtation but I never make the first real move, that would be too easy.

He slowly erases the tension that’s been building since our last meeting. He coaxes a smile, then a laugh. When he pours me a drink and I let my hand linger just a bit longer than necessity. By the time the second drink is poured we are holding hands and laughing like old friends because, well, because that’s exactly what we are. There is something comforting about sharing time with someone who has known you forever. Someone who has held you up through all of life’s little defeats, who knows you inside and out, who has seen you at your worst but who still cares for you. It’s nice to shed the facade and just be real with someone who doesn’t demand perfection.

We both know that it won’t lead anywhere. We’ve been good at toeing the line for years, getting the thrill without making a move that could jeopardize our friendship. But..what if?

What if this time when he held me close I let him? His heart beating against my chest with a passion I didn’t try to quell. It would be just a peck at first, questioning and insecure but you could sense the passion is there. I can feel his lips push harder on mine as he realizes I’m not pulling away. His hands playing with my hair before slowly beginning to explore the length of my body. We might not be teenagers anymore but there is still that rush in the fear of getting caught. Time is a luxury we do not have, there’s an urgency as his hands tug down my panties. I grab at the zipper on his pants, feeling how hard he is. It’s a powerful feeling to know I’m the cause of his excitement.

I drop to my knees and slowly ease him down my throat. He groans and closes his eyes. I move faster and faster, his cock pounding the back of my throat, my tongue working the head. He can barely control himself and I love it. I bring out the animal in him. He pulls me up and throws me on to the bed. I don’t want to play more games, I’m wet, I’m ready and I just want him inside me. He doesn’t disappoint. I know he likes being on top and I allow him to dominate my body. We work in to a steady rhythm of passion and ecstasy. He brings me to orgasm as I yell to the world my pleasure. He brings out the whore in me. I push him off and get on my hands and knees. He grabs my hair as he fucks me from behind. I cum. Again. Again. Again. Just when I think I can’t take anymore he thrusts deep inside and I feel him explode. It feels so damn good when he fills me up. My legs give out and he holds me as the aftershocks rock my body. I look up at him and smile, I can feel the afterglow, the peace that this is finally happening.

But, we aren’t teenagers anymore. We can control ourselves, at least for the night. Just as long as I don’t have another drink.