Anal slut

Can I just start by saying that I hate anything anywhere near my ass? I’ve done it on and off for years but it takes a lot of convincing, tons of trust and, usually, a little alcohol for me to even consider it. Lately though I’ve been in a bit of a weird place sexually. I’m almost desperate to push my limits, to feel naughty. I want to feel dirty and be brought back to my submissive mindset. Considering everything that I’ve experimented with and enjoyed, it takes something special to get me to the point where my partner can lean in to my ear and say “really? This is what it takes to get you off? You really are a dirty slut”. I want to be covered in sweat and spit, I crave being covered in lube and cum. I like it.

But, I’m straying from my point. I really thought that anal was something that we endured because we are nice people. You did it once a year to make your man happy while you “moaned” through clenched teeth and prayed that the tightness of that particular hole would facilitate a quick finish. It wasn’t that the people I did this with were trying to hurt me or anything. I’m sure that they wanted me to enjoy it, even if for no other reason than to be able to do it again. But, I just didn’t. I made an effort and did all the “right” things, tried all the suggestions I received but I still just wanted to cry or scream every time …until last weekend.

I was lucky to be with one of the most sexually talented men I’ve ever had a chance to play with. We’re comfortable together and a good match in bed. Chemistry. We were enjoying a nice long fuck when I blurted out “I need something in my ass!” And he was happy to oblige. ( tip: use more lube. I’m not talking about spit or cum, I suggest a good silicon based product and however much you think is enough? Use more. Trust me. ) He left me on my back and slowly eased his finger inside of me. I gasped a little at the discomfort but felt myself get really wet and had to wonder if this time would be different. As he worked his finger in and out, slowly moving in circles to stretch me open and get the lube all over, I moaned steadily. (Tip: go slower, there’s no rush. Start with a single finger and use your other hand to massage the clit. If it hurts, stop moving but don’t remove your finger. Entering and exiting is the worst part so you can always try moving in circles instead). I’m already enjoying that taboo feeling of having my ass violated so when he orders me to cum I’m already in ecstasy. I feel him slip another finger inside me. It still hurts but I enjoy a bit of pain… I’m not one to complain.

We go on like this for a while. He keeps adding more lube and teasing me open while coaxing more orgasms with his other hand and his lips caressing my tits. Then I see the look in his eyes change and I know that, finally, he’s in full Dom mode. Thank god. He kisses my lips hard and pulls his fingers out of my ass. A wave of pain shudders across my body but I’m ready for it, I’m ready for anything.

I’m told to get on my hands and knees, to spread myself open for him. I quickly obey, it’s not the time to be a brat. He leans over to whisper in my ear and I feel his hard cock waiting. More lube as he slowly rubs a finger over my hole, I take it inside greedily. I’m ready. I want this. I need it.

“Tell me you’re a slut”
“I’m an anal slut, Sir. Your good little anal slut”

I’m rewarded. The top of his massive member pushed its way in. I feel so full, so satisfied but man does it ever hurt. I beg him not to move. It feels like he’s ripping me apart. He smooths my hair and makes soothing noises in my ear while reassuring me that I’m a good girl and he’s proud of me. We stay like that for a few minutes and my ass starts to relax. I slowly push back and let as much of him as I can stand inside me. He starts to move in an out slowly. Not much, just ever so slightly as he reaches around to make sure I cum again.

More. I need more. I rear back and try to fight through the pain but he stops me. A sharp smack reminds me that he’s in charge and soft words remind me it’s because he doesn’t want me to hurt myself. I try to calm down but I feel like I’m in heat. I’ll gladly suffer through the pain if it means I get to cum that hard.

“So, this is what it takes to turn you in to a filthy slut, is it? Good girl”
Those magic words make me cum almost more than I can take. He pulls out and finishes all over my ass and back. Only a few minutes later we start all over again.

Maybe I’m a convert because he’s been filling my ass up everyday this week and I’m on my knees begging for more.

3 weeks

I’m three weeks out from my first bikini fitness competition. I won’t lie – it is getting really tough. The diet is tough. The mood swings are tough. The posing is tough. The working out is tough. It’s tough.

I’m not keeping up with this blog and I’m really sorry. I’ll try to be better but I’ll probably fail. I know you understand…

So let’s take a break from all the sex talk and discuss my other favourite topic – fitness. Depending on how you came across this site, you might know a bit about my struggles with weight. I’ll go in to that another day as it’s personal and I’m not quite ready to divulge my real life yet. I started getting ready to compete less than six months ago but I have been making lifestyle changes for about a year. I started with just working out and it went downhill from there.

I get a lot of questions on diet and I wish I had a good answer but I don’t. I ate pretty badly until 2 months ago when I got serious about this. I’m now on a very restrictive diet that I do not suggest to anyone. You don’t need it and it’s so hard to keep doing. I basically don’t eat carbs or any starchy vegetable (potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, turnips etc), no fruit after noon, I only eat red meat once a week and the rest of time I have fish or chicken. I also just gave up dairy.

I do a lot of strength training. I lift, bro. Interesting fact – women who lift weights are hot. It is a misconception that lifting heavy weights cause women to get bulky, do I look bulky? Exactly. Don’t be afraid of weights but please make sure you’re using them correctly or you will get hurt. Bikini competitors are judged on boobs, butts and abs so that’s what I’m working on.

My biggest challenge right now is -drum roll please- turning around in a circle. Posing is so much harder than it should be for me. It’s turning around in a circle in tiny heels for Pete’s sake! I may or may not have started practicing any time I pass a reflective surface.

There are no real secrets. I can’t give you the name of a pill or powder that will give you results. I can’t name a miracle exercise or a fat burning food. You put the work in everyday and you hope it shows sooner rather than later. That’s it. Take it slowly so you don’t burn out. Set reachable goals, baby steps. You got this!

My first attempt at posing


My membership card with OPA


Another shot from behind