Cashing in the V card

Yesterday was my anniversary. There are a lot of special days in my life and I’d like to pretend i know them all. In reality, I can’t even remember my best friend’s birthday. I blame not being good with math… stupid numbers.

This one was a big one though – the day I lost my virginity. I was deflowered. I lost my innocence. I cashed in the V card. I guess you expect some cheeesy romantic tale; a guy and a girl, months of anticipation, maybe even the delusion of love. Sory to disappoint but that isn’t exactly how it went. The guy’s name was chris, he owned a sunfire (something about that car still makes me a little wet), his favorite color was blue and he (like every other Canadian male) played hockey. There, now you know exactly the same amount as I do about the guy – and I learned most of that after we had done the deed.

So, why the lack of fairy tale magic present in most other ‘first time’ stories? Simple, I’ve never bought in to this ridiculous view on sexuality that society tries to shove down our throats. Funny how such a conservative society tries to shove more down our throats than a big budget porn flick. We give sex way too much power. Those beautiful fairy tale romances that inspire ‘first time’ stories eventually end, and then what? People get super depressed because, not only has their “true love” left but, (s)he was their first one! They were special! Nobody else will ever get that honor ever again and it was wasted! But was it….

I’m not trying to sound cold and bitter. I have had relationships where I had all the symptoms. My hormones work just as well as anyone elses (there’s a good case to be made that mine are on overdrive). I have been truly attached to another and it felt amazing while it lasted. I can honestly say that these feels were not because of crazy sex. It may have been a pleasant side effect but it was NOT the cause – my relationships are deeper than that (pun intended).

Which brings me back to Chris. He came by, one thing led to another and we had some very uninspired and painful sex. Was it special? of course it was, it was my first time! I still remember the sensation of my pretty blue panties sliding down my thighs, my jean skirt being pulled up, the hunger of his lips all over my body. Was I upset when it was over? Nope. He was a good time (the best time I ever had… until the next one) and then he was gone. No harm, no foul. He seemed nice but I didn’t invest all this emotion in an act of lust. Do I regret it? No! No! NOOOO!! I am so happy that I can look back on this date with a smile and a laugh. No baggage, no regrets.

Sometimes sex is just sex. I know that this is a radical view to so many people and that’s the real shame here. Let’s take a moment to celebrate sex, to feel the freedom of that realization.

Go out and cum today ladies and gentlemen. Do it to yourself or grab yourself a partner – enjoy it! Enjoy each other!

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