Some like it hot…

Maybe you can’t dance by the fire forever. Maybe it’s just too hot to be close to for too long. Maybe as the weeks turn in to months and then fade in to years you have to admit to yourself that vibrant exposure to heat isn’t healthy. 
But maybe that’s ok. 

Moving through life with the person you love beside you is a privilege denied to many. There’s nothing that says the fire has to go out. I hope it never does. I’m just saying that sometimes you need to take a step back and enjoy something a bit less intense so that when you approach it again you can recognize what you have. 

A relationship can’t survive solely on sweat and bruises and cum (although it can’t survive completely devoid of those things either), a relationship needs quiet moments and Sunday cuddles and giant stuffed bunnies too. You need to have days when you look over at the person you’ve chosen while they push a grocery cart and think to yourself “this is it. For the rest of our lives. This is it” and you need to be ecstatic about it. 

It’s not what I usually write, I know. I’m all for the stolen moments and rock hard cocks shoved in to every available hole. I just don’t want to give the impression that’s all there is when there’s so much more. 

I know that I get readers from all stages of life and, I’ve said before, I am the queen of the relationship emotional roller coaster. So it needs to be said: there will be days and weeks and months when the love is stronger than the lust. There will be moments when intimacy is more important than the ball gag under the bed. That’s ok. You’re ok. Keep up the good work, enjoy the moments – all of them – and be open to new experiences. They will come. 

2 thoughts on “Some like it hot…

  1. Hi, interesting post, not your usual fare, I was just watching this vid on youtube , not my usual fare..but, well, we’ve never met, but you’ve been on my mind..hope I don’t come across too preachy cuz I’m no Angel myself

    Derek Prince – The Enemies We Face

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