Women’s day

It’s women’s day! Or it was when I wrote this… To celebrate I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss a fun little fetish, one that might not seem to jive with such a feminist holiday. Let me remind you though that feminism is about giving women a choice in how we live our lives. It is not about forcing ideas on anyone else or forcing us in to roles that we do not want to take. Regardless of anyone’s good intentions, feminism is about taking control of our lives and living them how we want to.

I have a 1950s housewife fetish. Gasp! I know, I know. Here I am preaching about the importance of being an empowered, independent woman in the modern age and the idea of that era makes my panties wet. I love taking care of men. I love being able to fall in to that predetermined gender role. Don’t try to push it on me, never forget that I am your equal but can we play a bit? Please?

When you come home from work wouldn’t it be nice to find a clean house and a hot meal on the table? I’ll be waiting for you in a sexy outfit and high heels with a cold beer and a warm smile. You can tell me about your day while I hang on your every word. I’ll give you bonus points if you let me kneel at your feet with my head in your lap while you do it.

When we retire for the night you take the lead, undress me and throw me on to the bed. We can skip the foreplay tonight sweetheart, just take me. Your hardness eases me open as you use me for your pleasure. Push it in, deep and hard, faster and faster as you use like a doll. You know how I like it, don’t hold back, don’t you dare stop. Make me scream. Pound the headboard in to the wall. Who cares about the neighbors? Let them complain, I love their jealousy. Thrust in and out until we collapse, spent, exhausted by ecstasy. I’ll make a snack while you turn on the TV and catch up on the news.

I just want to be used, I want to make you cum over and over again. I’ll manage the house if you take out the trash. Keep me happy. Be the man and I’ll treat you like a king. Is that so wrong? It feels pretty right to me.

I’m so happy that women can do anything that men can. We can work, we can vote, we can go to war. But, to me, nothing feels as safe a being wrapped in your arms after a good fuck. You pamper me, won’t you let me please you?

2 thoughts on “Women’s day

  1. Good evening,

    Wow, now that was a surprising read and fetish. Odd since every women’s day i get flowers for the women at the various workplaces i have been, but unique all the same. I have been often told that not only am i an old soul, but also that i was likely born in the wrong decade (early ’80’s).

    I mean, i appreciate women wanting to work, vote, etc.. but i don’t think there is anything sexier than protecting your woman, pleasing your woman, providing for her and displaying manly traits such as physical strength, mental sharpness and awareness of what your woman requires from you and raw physical emotion.

    I have never really thought of that as a fetish…just perhaps as a fantasy. Something about a fully dressed dinner table…pie on the window ledge….a woman wearing a flowered dress, lots of red blush and a smile…sounds hot to me?

    1. I think that it’s fairly common. The only reason I consider it a fetish is because it’s been looked down on to the point of taboo.
      Women are told that we should want to do everything (work, home, kids) while men are told to tone down their masculinity so as not to offend.
      This is a new phenomena and I can’t say a lot of positive things about it other than women are not stuck anymore.

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