Crazy things I did while dieting

I briefly touched on the mental aspect of preparing for this competition. Now that it is over I have time to reflect with a more level head. Mostly, I was perfectly sane…I swear. I did do some interesting things while dieting though. Part of me wants to never speak them out loud but I’ve been missing for a few weeks so the least I can do is (hopefully) make you smile.
Here we go!

10 Crazy Thing ls I Did While Dieting
10. Made a list, complete with pictures of everything I was going to eat after the competition. I, of course, made none of it.

9. Craved things I don’t even like. Squash stands out as one of my bigger cravings. Really.

8. Cried over everything. It didn’t have to be sad or happy or angering and I still bawled like a baby.

7. Sucked on bagels.

6. Made lunch that closely smelled and resembled vomit and it swore it wasn’t the worst thing I ate. My standards for food were so low…

5. Contemplated whether or not Metamucil was considered cheating as it has “real sugar!”

4. Bit my lip accidentally and rejoiced at how wonderful the blood tasted.

3. Made a very pregnant woman cry because she kindly offered me a French fry. Definitely not my finest moment.

2. Eaten ice. You get double points if you freeze something tasty like unsweetened green tea.

1. Made out with someone just because I knew he had just eaten something forbidden to me. Oh, the taste of chocolate and icecream on another person’s lips… Heaven.

So, for all those who had the pleasure of dealing with me during the weeks leading up to the event, thank you. I’ll post some more pictures on Thursday.

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