How to handle being stood up 

It happened, for the first time in my life I got stood up! So what is a girl to go, all alone and not nearly drunk enough? 
Easy, get that sexy ass up and sit at the bar. Look, I know it’s not easy. I was completely mortified for at least two pathetic drinks alone in my booth. I’m still kind of in shock that he made excuses half the night and didn’t show. But it lead to one of the best nights I’ve ever in my life. 
And it all started with getting up, sitting next to a failed bluegrass rockstar with a huge beard and saying “I think I just got stood up”. Then he introduced me to some guy from out of town. Then his friends showed up. And then the drinks were flowing. And then I didn’t remember their names. And the music was shitty. And the waitresses were hot. And I was in the bathroom with some guy trying to convince me that he was gods gift to women. 
I don’t know who paid the bar tab. I don’t know how many mystery numbers turned up on my phone. All I know is it started with some guy standing me up on a Tuesday night and it ended with me awkwardly kicking another guy out of my front door. 
I woke up to three thousand texts but one intrigued me, “did you go home with that?” So obviously not awkward guy from my front door right? A couple of options sprung to mind and I decided to explore. He mentionned he was heading back to his out of town home later and I’m in class most days so we should set up a quick lunch. Why not?
As I walked out of school my hungover magically subsided and heart began to race. Which one was this? The business man? The cute hipster? The annoying one playing a game? I glanced around and couldn’t spot any familiar faces. Out of the corner of my ear I heard an authoritative voice complaining about liquidated capital. Slowly, I turned and there he was. Maybe a hipster by night but he sure did clean up nice. The dress shirt caressed his broad chest. The pants showing just the hint of a bulge. Jackpot. 
Lunch was a weird mix of sexual innuendos and first date chit chat. I had given up on anything exciting… Then we got in to the car and he casually placed his hand on my lap. I could work with that. I locked in to his eyes and spread my legs just slightly. A slight gasp escaped his lips and he tentatively moved his hand further up, bit by bit, until his fingers finally hit their mark. Now it was my turn to sigh. I could feel his confidence growing as he expertly navigated traffic and brought my pussy to orgasm. 
“You need to find a place to park. Now” 
Longest 5 minutes of my life as I desperately licked his neck and felt his cock rise in anticipation. We found a quiet street off the main road. I quickly undid my seatbelt and thrust my face in to his lap. 

“Get out of the car”
Excuse me? Was he kicking me out?! Had a lost my touch?
“Get out. Now”. 
Confused, I did. But he was right behind me pushing me in to an alley between two houses. I dropped to my knees, thanking God for the mild autumn weather, and he finally unleashed his cock. I lapped at it hungrily before finally shoving it far down my throat. We played for a bit, him manipulating my face in to the best positions. Then he brought me up and threw me against the wall. I wasn’t in the mood to be fucked. I just wanted the chance to please the guy who took me out for lunch. I sucked as I used my hands to massage his balls. The thrill of being caught by the passerbys on the other side of the street made me shiver without so much as a hand on me. 
He seemed oblivious to the danger but I felt like a naughty little girl hiding underneath the bleachers during a football game. My enthusiasm continued growing until I became like an addict. I couldn’t get enough. Not enough spit. Not enough hands. Not enough cock. Never enough. It didn’t take long before his body seized up and I rewarded for being such a good girl with a nice load down my throat. 
He says he’ll come visit the next time he’s in town but honestly… I hope I get stood up. 

11 thoughts on “How to handle being stood up 

  1. Didn’t I meet you at the airport when I got back from Hong Kong a few weeks ago? If so, I love your site and I want to meet you again, maybe you’ll have a new and exciting story to write here 😉

  2. I must say, when I found your blog from a tinder pic I had on my phone, I can’t say I was expecting such an interesting (and not abandoned) blog regarding the sexual exploits of an “anonymous slut” in a town so cripplingly stiffled, as Ottawa lol. These types of sex positive clubs, blogs, atmospheres etc. seem more reminiscent of the kinds of things you hear coming out of Montreal’s highly liberal, highly sexual culture, wouldn’t you say?

    That being said, mot usually my type of thing, but I’ve been looking for a play partner who’s ass will be filed with hot thunderbolts and you’re pretty cute in a catsuit. Feel free to hit me up 😉

  3. I seen you on pof and to be honest thought it was a joke site.. but reading your blogs your a talented writer. Am new here so forgive me but is this all based on truth?

  4. found you on tinder and i have to say im impressed .. verry talented writer . on what terms do you accept to meet people? i would like to meet you.

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