We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming..

Good morning you sexy things!

I just wanted to take a moment to have a chat. I’m excited to have found a bit of inspiration and I promise to update more regularly until that tap runs dry (I may be working on something as we speak) but I need to add a little caveat first.

Today is international woman’s day! A day not only to celebrate the wonderful women who have supported, cheered for and loved you, but also to reflect on where we’re at on that whole equality thing. Hint : not far enough.

I know this is a hot button issue (because people refuse to actually look at facts) but it’s important. Please remember that having privilege is not a bad thing (we all have it) but using it to keep others down makes you a dick – and not the good kind.

So, while I stare down the barrel of a few more nights of rough sex and look forward to a man forcing me to my knees, degrading me and bringing out that dirty little slut side I missed terribly, remember: feminism is essential if we want a society where women feel empowered enough to submit.

Also ending gendered violence…reaching equal pay…breaking the glass ceiling…reproductive rights…family leave… Do you get the point yet? Ok perfect 😘

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