Knock knock

He’s finally here, ready to make good on the promise of covering me in cum for being such a good girl.

The door had barely opened when I found myself desperately searching for his lips. Who has time for mindless chatter? I had an hour before class, he was sneaking away from the corporate drudgery. Minutes counted.

He threw me down and had me topless halfway up the stairs. Frenzied hands grasping for any bit of exposed flesh. Eyes filling with desires that couldn’t possibly be fully realized. Tongues exploring lustfully. We tore apart long enough to make our way upstairs… Barely.

Since our last encounter it had become obvious that he was powerless against the way my body moved when I undressed for him. I’m no longer allowed that indulgence. Instead he gets to pull off my pants. I can feel his reckless abandon as he reveals my naked body. He wants it just as badly as I want his.

Our clothes are a heap on the floor (who has time to be tidy, right?) and I’m fighting between the urge to rush through a quick hate fuck or slowly take my time on his cock. But that choice was never mine to make, not really. He manoeuvres me in to position with my head overhanging the side of the bed and commands me to relax my throat.

A good face fucking. That’s exactly what every lucky girl should skip lunch for.

He starts off slowly. Deliberately. Almost gently. As he guides my head in to the best position for his pleasure that familiar feeling rushes over me. I’m a toy. My body is for his pleasure. The thought catches me off guard and I cum hard. Maybe he feels too good to notice, or maybe he’s not in the mood to punish my stolen euphoria. It doesn’t matter. He quickens his pace and my throat starts going raw. I feel that thick spit gather and I settle in for a long mindless blow job… But he has other plans.

He makes me beg before finally giving me a taste of satisfaction as he thrusts his cock deep in to my greedy pussy over and over again. As we find a rhythm I’m vaguely aware of my screams echoing off the walls. I giggle thinking of the contractors next door, they must hear me being treated like the whore I am.

The rest is kind of a blur, the way those frenzied first fucks usually are. He did eventually call me on those stolen orgasms but I’m too cute to stay mad at. And I was finally rewarded with his warm, sweet cum all over my chest. I even got to lick it up…

…good girls always do.

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