I kneel, naked, in front of the glass door. Waiting for him to come and use my body however he sees fit. The possibilities fill me with excitement and dread, just as he knew they would.

As I close my eyes, I swear I can hear one of those analogue clocks nobody uses any more tick away the seconds. I try to steady my breath by focusing inward and my senses click in to overdrive. I can no longer ignore the cold tile on my calves, or the dull ache between my shoulder blades as my muscles strain to keep them back. When he finally arrives I want to be properly displayed – and that means tits out and thighs spread. I want to be welcoming, regardless of how he has chosen to abuse me.

While every moment feels like an eternity, I know he never challenges me like this without reason. In fact, if I’m being honest, these sessions are more for my benefit than his. This is obviously an exercise in patience – a skill in seriously lacking. The time spent on my knees waiting will just make me greedier for his cum, an added bonus I’m sure he looks forward to

He lets himself in. He’s already warned me that today I’m not allowed to look at him, not allowed to speak. I’m just a pretty hole and pretty holes don’t need such frivolity. He talks softly and I try to sneak just a little peek.. My eyes drift from his feet up to his knees before I’m caught and swiftly reprimanded. Fine. Lesson learned.

He orders me to get up at face the stairs. I’m already shaking when I spread my legs wide and try to arch my back. There is nothing in that moment I wouldn’t have promised for just a little taste of that cock. He has that strong of an effect on me – I dont even have to look at him, just being in the same room makes me desperate for it. I let myself believe I was getting something even more satisfying when he thrust inside of me. Instead I heard him reach for his phone.


I tightened my pussy around his dick and held it tight. The seconds ticked away. He timed it and then..


Did I giggle out loud? Like I could rest when I was finally getting my reward. I panic… Not allowed to speak means not allowed to ask for permission to cum. This could be catastrophic.

Clench. Rest. Clench. Rest.

Over and over as I tried to grind my greedy pussy to feel him fill me up. “Last one” thank god. And then the sweetest words in the English language “good girl. You can cum as much as you want”

And. I. Did.

Wave after wave of ecstasy filled my body until i could barely stand. This is my purpose. I was made to cum hard and often. Nothing makes me happier than a full pussy and a happy man sweetly calling me a slut. He tries to pull out a few times but my body clings to him. Please don’t leave me empty. Not yet

But good things can’t last forever and I find myself kneeling on the stairs as he covers my back in that warm, wet reward I hunger for.

“Don’t move until you hear the door close behind me”

And just like that he’s gone. I wonder what he was wearing.

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