The adventures of a real life slut in a conservative world

The challenge

Blind dates are probably the closest thing to hell that is readily available to us. They’re awkward, they’re boring and they very rarely lead to success. I often ask myself why I even bother, but then, every once and a while it clicks.

After exchanging a few texts I decided to bite the bullet and meet up with another tinder guy. I figured I had tweaked my screening enough that I should be mostly ok, nobody too weird could make it through. After I had committed to the next evening he let slide that he was a “hipster at heart” well fuck, so much for my fail proof screening. But, it was too late to cancel so I decided to make the best of it. At the worst it was a night out…or another backdoor escape.

I arrived at the bar, a pretty classy place, and we see each other. He was wearing skinny jeans, perfect. I figure this is going to be a pretty short night. We sit down, he smiled and it just … Clicked. He was sweet and charming and all the regular stuff but, let’s be honest, nobody cares about that enough to blog about it right? So, what makes Mr. Hipster so special? He is the biggest tease I have ever met. I’m talking the kind of tease that makes you want to grab his hand and force it between your legs just to get some sort of release before you explode. The kind of tease that makes you want to get down on your knees and beg. The kind of tease that frustrates you but you can’t let go of. Even now, looking back on it fills me with equal parts excitement and embarrassment, it is rare that I let myself need something badly enough that I’m willing to do anything to get it.

The evening progressed over drinks while we played at asking each other random questions. It didn’t take long before the questions were dirty enough to make me blush. His arm was around me but he had been showing restraint. Then he casually leaned in so close I could feel his breath on my ear and whispered “I’m not going to fuck you tonight”. Excuse me? Challenge accepted. I spent a good hour with my hand on his cock but he held firm. No amount of touching or neck licking or sexual promises were going to make him budge. To make it that much worse I had found another dominant. He would tell me all the filthy things he wanted to do to me while simultaneously forbidding me to grab his dick. I tried to be good but the temptation was overwhelming. The more he denied me the more I needed it, I was becoming frantic. If Hipster could make me this wet without doing anything more than tugging on my hair, what would he accomplish with me naked?

I couldn’t stop imaging the scenario. We could sneak in to the bathroom without anybody noticing, there were private stalls. I was in a dress with no panties, it would be easy access. He seemed the type to throw me up against the wall, just a bit too hard, grab my hair with one hand as he forced my dress up with the other. “Quiet” he would order but it’s a command I doubt I could have obeyed. No time for foreplay, just a quick lick so he could ram his cock in. Pounding me hard with my face slamming against the wall. Tasting blood as I bit my tongue in a futile attempt to stay quiet. Ecstasy coming over me in waves as he finally neared climax. He would pull out in time to cover my ass in his warm, sticky mess then pull my dress down on top of it.

But fine, if he wanted to deny me I could play that game. I made sure that my touch made him hard, and kept him that way. I didn’t stop for a minute, I refused to give him time to calm down. A firm touch juxtapositioned with a soft tongue at the base of the neck. Two could play at this game and, if I’m being honest, I started to enjoy myself.

Too soon it was time to get the bill. I thanked him for a fun evening and promised I would see him again. We walked out of the bar and I asked him to get me to a cab. He insisted he drive me home, so we got in and I gave him directions.

I looked up and realized he was heading the wrong way, but when I brought it to his attention he replied “you’re coming to my place, I’m not finished teasing you yet”

Oh yeah Hipster? Challenge accepted.


Sexual exploration within a relationship

Trying new and crazy things when you’re single is hard enough. You have to suck it up, admit you want to try new things and go get them. It can be a scary experience but, at least you only have to worry about yourself. When you are within the confines of a relationship you have all those issues, plus your partner, plus their issues. It can be extremely overwhelming to try and balance all the emotions on one side and the fun new sex on the other. I’m by no means an expert at this but I have learned a few things to keep in mind when you are trying to be more adventurous in your sex life with your significant other.

1. Talk about it beforehand
You’re not going to be able to guess every future scenario you and your spouse will face in the next 20 years. That much is obvious. However, you should know what the “hard limits” are, these are the things that are a no go no matter what the circumstance. Hard limits can change but they should never be effected by the mood of an encounter, talk about them, talk about them often, be open.

2. Drunk is a bad time to try something new
I know you think I’m lying, a glass or two of wine loosens everybody up right? Maybe, but it causes more trouble than it’s worth. People who are under the influence are not exactly famous for making sound decisions. You will also have a harder time reading the dynamic of the situation and the mood of your partner if you are intoxicated.

3. Check in
It won’t ruin the mood for you to ask if your partner is okay occasionally, especially if it is your first time experiencing something as a couple. It is better to figure out if there is an issue early (even if it causes you to have to stop doing whatever you’re doing) than it is to have to deal with the anger, hurt feelings or embarrassment the next day. It is nobody else’s job to communicate but yours. If you are bringing in other people, if it was the other person’s idea, if it was yours – it doesn’t matter. You cannot make a person open up but you can communicate your own feelings and encourage them to do the same. The number one thing that keeps a couple together is communication, don’t forget that just because you’re naked.

4. Patience
Couples are often on different points on the sexually adventurous scale. Someone is usually more excited about a particular new activity than the other person, that’s a good thing. You can support each other and push each other at the same time, but be patient. Go slowly and you are more likely to be able to play again – this is one time that it is better to ask permission than beg forgiveness.

5. You are going to fuck up
Nobody is perfect, mistakes will be made almost every time you try anything new. You’ll get swept up in the moment and the rules will be a vague memory that you can’t quite grasp. You’re not off the hook but you are human. Forgive each other for the little mistakes you make – remember how lucky you are that you’re still trying new things. Move on.


Pain and pleasure

After many bad dates, tinder finally came through. Try to contain your shock.

Enter Mr. Grey, one of the finest specimens man has to offer. He exudes confidence and when he enters a room you can’t help but take notice. I don’t know what it is about him that ties my stomach in knots but it’s been a long time since a man made me nervous. I like it.

I ended up at his place the day after our first meeting. I think the agreed upon lie was that I needed a drink. He started off slowly, his mouth found mine and we made out more and more desperately. Finally, he put his hands between my thighs and started to explore just a little bit. After all the lead up it didn’t take long until he brought me to a loud, satisfying climax. He loved it, you could tell. It’s rare to have a guy who enjoys giving pleasure as much as receiving it but when it happens you better watch out – it’s a thrilling ride.

He let me keep my dress on as he started to kiss my thighs. Anticipation. He mixes pleasure with pain as he starts to bite me. I cry out. It’s been too long since someone has treated me like this. I try holding out as long as I can but Grey orders me to stand and, with minimal resistance, I comply. He removes my clothing and smiles as he takes me in. I blush. I’m shy at being examined by him but the urge to please is strong enough that I fight through it. Hands glide across my body but it’s evident he wants my ass. He pays special attention to it as he lays on the compliments. Does he know I’m putty in his hands?

He leads me to the bedroom and throws me on the bed. It’s a weird paradox… I can feel his dominance in every move but he is still smiling at me in such a lighthearted way. As he forces my legs open I cum again, I’m that turned on. He doesn’t even have to touch me and I’m shuddering in rapture. He’s certainly done this before. His tongue brings me to climax again and again. I lose control completely. I scream out my pleasure. I pound on his back. I try to close my legs. He keeps licking. He’s not even trying and it’s obvious that he is the one in control.

I push him off me in a feeble attempt to win some back. Im thrown back down. I take aim and hit him. Hard. In hindsight that might not have been the best move… or maybe it was. Judging from the names I’m being called it was safe to say I’m about to be put in my place. He lifts me off the bed by my hair and forces me to bend over on to the bed. Smack. Fuck. Smack. I’m not used to this anymore. Smack. It hurts. Smack. Smack. Smack. I can’t do it. I turn over to see him smirking. “That’s all you can take, slut?” I’m ashamed but I nod my head. I’m allowed up just to be put back on my knees. He forces himself down my throat and I gag. Me! I never gag! Tears in my eyes, he fucks my face harder and harder, accusing me of not trying hard enough.

Then the clamps come out. Crap. I lay on the bed as he fastens the first one on to my pert nipple. I gasp. The bastard is getting too much of a kick watching me writhe. The next one hurts even more. I fight the urge to pull them off myself, being a good girl is so hard. I can’t even describe the pleasure on his face at my pain. I call him on it and he just tightens the clamps as he calls me a brat. He takes my nipple in to his mouth and licks. Fuck that feels good. He pulls gently and my body feels like it’s on fire. Every time I get used to the sensation he tightens them, just a little bit. I’ve lost count of how much I’ve cum. All I know is, with him, it’ll never be enough.

I need him inside of me. I need to feel that cock fill me up. I tell him as much but he isn’t sympathetic. He makes me beg him. He’s won. He knows that. After he’s satisfied that he’s beat enough pride out of me grabs a condom. He pulls my legs up and rams in to me hard. I can feel my nails slice in to him as I beg him to fuck me harder. I can’t get enough of him. He takes me in every position. It’s a blur of arms and legs and kisses. I’m in absolute ecstasy.

Suddenly he pulls out and throws me on too the floor again. He rips off the condom and I start licking and sucking greedily, taking special care to give his balls enough attention. I’m rewarded. Fuck he has so much cum. I open wide and I still get it all over my face.

“Now you look like a used up little slut”

I couldn’t be more proud.


Mr. Grey,
I know you’re reading this with a huge smile on your face. Remember that the next time you’re punishing my bratty behaviour.



Halloween meet and greet

A week isn’t exactly a long stretch but it sure can change everything. You may have noticed that I was slowly getting my feet wet in the swinger’s scene and I was quite enjoying it. It doesn’t quite scratch the itch of my cheating fetish but it is an interesting way to get some variety. I love me some variety.

On Saturday I went to a “meet and greet” in the community for like minded individuals but unfortunately I did not meet anyone. There was someone there I knew and we had a good time. I won’t go in to any details out of respect for the individuals involved but let’s just say I’ve never been groped by a man in a cape before. The incident has made me rethink my feelings about open relationships and made it painfully obvious that I need a refresher course on this lifestyle and the different dynamics in it so, expect a few more swinging posts in the weeks to come.

Until then I’ll just post a few pictures of my Halloween costume.

I was catwoman in a latex catsuit and leather corset. I spent the night covered in silicon lube and sweat. Yum!






Swinger’s club FAQ

My relatively conservative town has recently opened a swingers bar. I’m actually kind of thrilled about it, so much so that I went both nights of the opening weekend. I’m sure I’ll be back way more often than I care to admit so I’m going to delay getting in to the juicy details. Instead I’m going to bore you with some frequently asked questions in the hopes that I’ll see you there soon.

1. Can anyone go?
Pretty much. Couples and single women are welcome every night at most bars whereas single men tend to only be allowed in on certain nights.

2. How does payment work?
In order for swingers bars to operate legally in Canada they must be members only. Membership at the new bar I’m attending is only 20$ a year (for singles or for a couples) but I have seen upwards of 80$ so be sure to ask. There is also a 30$ night fee.

3. How do you become a member?
Bring ID and pay the fee.

4. So people just have sex everywhere?
They can. I usually see sexual activities like kissing in the public space and full sex in the designated area. The club will let you know how it works

5. Do I have to have sex?
No it is pretty safe to assume nobody is going to force you to spread your legs. You might be surprised at how much you want to though.

6. Is it safe?
I would argue that it is safer than a regular bar. People tend to be very polite, they communicate well and they watch out for each other. People are all there for different reasons but everyone is there to have fun and are respectful.

8. If I’m not going for sex why go?
Because it is too much fun! The music is amazing, the crowd is laid back and sexy, there is usually stripper poles. What more do you want?

9. Isn’t it awkward?
It’s as awkward as you make it. I’m really social and I thrive in situations where talking to strangers is encouraged but you can stick to yourself and have a good time too.

10. Is it rude to insist on protection?
It’s rude not to. There are condoms everywhere and you need to use them.

11. How do I have sex with strangers?
Well this one is a bit harder. Communication is usually key here. If you are interested in someone, talk to them, and listen. Take the hint. Don’t bug them, don’t orbit them all night and don’t just walk up and lick them (also a great way to prevent Ebola. Just saying).
You can also just do what I do and point at them from one of the beds with a come hither look. Whatever works for you.

I started going to this type of bar a few years ago but the good ones were 6 hours away so it was few and far between. I love them and I’m so thankful that there is one close by. I understand how nerve wracking it can be to put yourself in an unknown, sexually charged situation. We have these ideas in our minds of 1970s key parties with bad music, shag carpet and moustaches (maybe that’s just me) but it isn’t the case.

I found a few couples I’m looking forward to getting to know, without the promise of sex. These are people that are open minded and fun. Yes, there is always going to be a few freaks thrown in to the mix but that’s where the excitement comes in. Why not check it out? You have nothing to lose

…except maybe your panties

The bar


The play space



The pole and I



Choosing your tinder picture

I joined tinder; strictly for educational purposes, I swear. I have to say that I enjoy it more than I should. There is something mildly addicting and extremely satisfying about judging someone in a second and swiping them either left or right. Oh, the power!

The guys I have been matched with are, so far, pretty boring. I’m slowly building a small army of them though so that’s fun. With my vast knowledge, gathered from almost 2 weeks of being on the app, I have decided to help you. Because this app is made for quick decisions based solely on your first picture you need to know what isn’t going to work. That’s where I come in.

10 things to avoid in your tinder picture
1. Half your face
If you’re picture is a super close up of half your face I’m going to assume you bare a striking resemblance to the phantom of the opera. No way I risk going out for a drink with a guy that might only have half a face and a history of kidnapping.

2. Group of guys
I’m always going to guess you’re the weirdest looking one. That might be a good strategy if you’re looking for someone who won’t judge you for your appearance but if that’s the case, tinder probably isn’t the site for you.

3. Your girlfriend
Take a second and at least crop her out. If you are looking to include her in the fun that’s great but if you’re cheating this is a stupid mistake. Really stupid.

4. Ducklips
Did you know that men do this? It’s bad enough that this is the go to pose for women but guys, come on! You look ridiculous. I saw a guy who had 5 pictures and every single one was his impersonation of a duck. I laughed so hard it was a challenge to swipe him to the left. Maybe that was his intent.

5. Monkeys
Am I missing something here? I saw more than one guy whose picture was just him and a monkey. Just hanging out like “this? Oh it’s nothing. Just my monkey”. It’s weird. I’m wondering if it’s some sort of code to see if I’m in to interspecies erotica. I’m not.

6. Your cat
I know I come off as a cat hater in all my dating site posts but I’m saying it again. I don’t want to see you with a cat. It comes off as slightly creepy when your picture is just you staring intensely at me with a cat on your shoulder.

7. Pink suit
Did you know they still make crushed velvet suits in a variety of colours? You didn’t? Probably because they really shouldn’t. Now, if you are a funny guy and I can see you are at a costume party then maybe, maybe, you can get away with it. Probably not though.

8. Drugs and alcohol
I get it, you’re a baller. It comes off as immature and kind of stupid when you broadcast it to the world though.

9. Guns
Really?? Ok, this should be a no brainer. I’m not going out to meet a stranger from the Internet that boasts his gun ownership to the masses. I saw that movie, it didn’t end well.

10. Nothing
If your picture is a funny meme I’m assuming you make the half face guy look like a god.

So, there you have it, ten things to avoid when you choose your picture. I would say I hope they helped you but to be honest I like to think you’re smart enough to have figured them out already.


A word on polyamory

A little disclaimer: I’m not saying that this lifestyle doesn’t work for people. I’m sure it does and, in fact, I have seen it.

I cannot imagine a day where I would be emotionally mature enough to even consider this possibility. I love everything about dating from the NRE to the sex. I am not the monogamous type and the idea of sleeping with one person for the rest of my life is unacceptable for me. Most people would agree that I should be able to enter in to a polyamorous relationship and make it work. Well, most people who don’t know me perhaps.

In reality I am the last person who should be attempting that type of commitment. Why? That’s easy.

1. I know that sex is not love

There is a huge difference between being in to swinging (having sex with others with or without your partner present but with consent) and being polyamorous. I can happily help another person suck you off but the idea of you holding hands with someone is too much for me.

2. Jealousy/competition

I need to win. In a relationship where my partner was dating more than one person I would constantly be questioning if I was good enough. Who is better in bed? Who does he love more? Who is the better cook? Scrabble player? Who is more interesting? Funny? It’s exhausting.

3. Time

There is never enough is there? We all know that dating one person is hard enough to devote enough energy in to, now splitting that in two? Too much work. Plus, I’m really bad at scheduling.

4. Love

I know it happens but I cannot imagine loving two people, equally, at the same time. Best case scenario is that I find a way but then what? I wouldn’t know how to do that long term. Someone would end up getting hurt and, if I truly loved both people, I would want to spare their feelings.

5. Anger

I’ll be as honest as I can be – I’m a pretty awful person. I can see myself getting in to a fight with one person and running to the other person. That cannot be healthy. I would end up breeding jealousy, competition and resentment which aren’t exactly the hallmarks of a good relationship.

6. Family

I come from a very conservative background. Luckily, your family should never know about your sex life. This is kind of difficult when you are bringing two people to thanksgiving.

7. Communication

I’m not so great at it. Until I am able to actually communicate my needs, my fears and my problems in a healthy way I’m just setting myself up for hell by being in a polyamous relationship.

8. Stability

I don’t know that I will ever be in a relationship that is stable enough or long enough to consider this option. I truly believe that you have to be in a good place with the person you are with before you add others or it just feels fake to me. It’s like you are hiding from the problems or trying to escape them instead of face them.

9. Commitment issues

I got em! Heck, I couldn’t even stick with this list long enough to make it to number 10.

I truly envy those people in healthy poly relationships. It is something that I will never rule out completely as it has interested me for a long time. I just don’t think it is very plausible for me, not how at least.

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Let’s dance

I went out this weekend for the first time in a long time. We are enjoying one of the last warm weekends for the next 8 months (yay Canada), a good DJ is touring and I was in the mood for a drink of two. In short, the conditions were perfect for a hot night on the town.

When I go out I like to dress up – high heels, tight dresses, make up and hair done. I want you to look at me and like what you see. I go out to dance and this bar had a great vibe. The floor was full but not crowded and the DJ was playing tracks that made you move.

I spotted him at a nearby table and smiled when our eyes met. Game on. I kept glancing over hoping to see that he was checking me out and I wasn’t disappointed. He couldn’t keep his eyes off me as I swayed to the beat of the music. I flirted that way for a while, dancing more and more seductively until I had given up hope that he would come over. I had had a few drinks and I was having a pretty good time all by myself. My hips became one with the baseline as I moved my hands up and down my body, caressing my best assets, feeling sexy. I looked up and suddenly he was there.

He threw some clichés at me and I got bored quickly. I hate small talk and I don’t do pick up lines so, I decided to take control. I grabbed him by the hand and lead him deeper on to the dance floor. He had two left feet so I had to lead. Grinding my ass on to his cock, I felt him get hard. I guided his hand along the length of my body until they reached my wet pussy. We danced like this for a while, with me teasing him and getting closer to climax until neither of us could take it anymore.

Glances were exchanged and it was his turn to take my hand. He lead me up several flights of stairs in to a small bathroom at the back of the venue. We bashed in to the door as we kissed passionately. I dropped to my knees and pulled down his pants, desperately wanting to feel his cock in my throat. He was already rock hard. All for me.

I sucked him hungrily, taking special care not to neglect his balls with my tongue. The dirty bathroom floor was hurting my knees but I didn’t care. That look in a man’s eyes when they are enjoying my oral skills makes me forget everything around me. Once he was dripping with my spit I started working him up and down with my hand to the beat of the music from down below. I forced him deeper in to my throat until I was gagging up thick slimy spit all over him, dripping down my face on to my tits in my low cut dress. I stopped for a moment to look up and appreciate my handiwork.

“More?” I asked coyly.

He just groaned and grabbed the back of my head, forcing his cock all the way down my throat. I could feel his strength as he finally let his animalistic side take control. Fuck my face. Harder. Harder. Make me gag. Come on!! I felt the warm wetness as I tasty his salty treat. Yum. I love a good night out at the club.

“Can I get your number?” He asked

I smiled as I walked away without a word.



I feel my stomach start to flutter as I call him up. Will he be free? Will he want to see me? Years ago he made my blood pump. The anticipation would build for days while I waited until I could sneak away. When the opportunity finally presented itself I would jump. He answers my invitation without hesitation, he never hesitates when it comes to me.

When we arrive at his place we fall in to an easy routine. There is polite conversation about old friends, new flings, work and school. It took years to master the subtle cat and mouse games we play but we’ve managed. Every action is soaking with flirtation but I never make the first real move, that would be too easy.

He slowly erases the tension that’s been building since our last meeting. He coaxes a smile, then a laugh. When he pours me a drink and I let my hand linger just a bit longer than necessity. By the time the second drink is poured we are holding hands and laughing like old friends because, well, because that’s exactly what we are. There is something comforting about sharing time with someone who has known you forever. Someone who has held you up through all of life’s little defeats, who knows you inside and out, who has seen you at your worst but who still cares for you. It’s nice to shed the facade and just be real with someone who doesn’t demand perfection.

We both know that it won’t lead anywhere. We’ve been good at toeing the line for years, getting the thrill without making a move that could jeopardize our friendship. But..what if?

What if this time when he held me close I let him? His heart beating against my chest with a passion I didn’t try to quell. It would be just a peck at first, questioning and insecure but you could sense the passion is there. I can feel his lips push harder on mine as he realizes I’m not pulling away. His hands playing with my hair before slowly beginning to explore the length of my body. We might not be teenagers anymore but there is still that rush in the fear of getting caught. Time is a luxury we do not have, there’s an urgency as his hands tug down my panties. I grab at the zipper on his pants, feeling how hard he is. It’s a powerful feeling to know I’m the cause of his excitement.

I drop to my knees and slowly ease him down my throat. He groans and closes his eyes. I move faster and faster, his cock pounding the back of my throat, my tongue working the head. He can barely control himself and I love it. I bring out the animal in him. He pulls me up and throws me on to the bed. I don’t want to play more games, I’m wet, I’m ready and I just want him inside me. He doesn’t disappoint. I know he likes being on top and I allow him to dominate my body. We work in to a steady rhythm of passion and ecstasy. He brings me to orgasm as I yell to the world my pleasure. He brings out the whore in me. I push him off and get on my hands and knees. He grabs my hair as he fucks me from behind. I cum. Again. Again. Again. Just when I think I can’t take anymore he thrusts deep inside and I feel him explode. It feels so damn good when he fills me up. My legs give out and he holds me as the aftershocks rock my body. I look up at him and smile, I can feel the afterglow, the peace that this is finally happening.

But, we aren’t teenagers anymore. We can control ourselves, at least for the night. Just as long as I don’t have another drink.


My perfect somebody

It wasn’t too long ago that I had an interesting conversation with a pretty wise man. We conversed about a variety of things but, his philosophy on relationships was something that will stick with me. Basically, his theory was that we all had a list of 10 or so things that were extremely important to us. Nobody finds a perfect match. In fact, even someone with 7 or 8 of those qualifies was a “keeper”. Sacrifices had to be made but which items that weren’t checked off the list were negotiable.

This of course is not a unique opinion on love and dating. We have all heard these thoughts echoed in a variety of sources from the old, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”, to the new, “there is no settling down without some settling for” (Dan Savage). We all know that nobody is perfect and, once the NRE wears off, the shine is bound to dull a little bit. There isn’t anything wrong with that in theory but, as I lay around in various settings under the warm summer sun this year, it has been dancing around in my mind. I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal and, for the most part, my spontaneity has served me well. I figured it might be interesting to contemplate my “perfect mate” a little more in depth. Consider it a light read as I get back in the swing of things.

The Perfect Mate
1. Chemistry
This one is difficult to explain, obviously. It’s just that feeling you have when you’re with someone and you know it clicks. Because of my background with dancing I tend to judge chemistry very quickly which is a huge flaw as, in my opinion, chemistry can be built over time.

2. Laughter
If I can’t make you laugh it isn’t going to work. If I stop making you smile it is usually the beginning of the end. Relationships need to be fun or why bother?

3. Sarcasm/dry wit
If you don’t understand them don’t waste your time with me.

4. Safety
Obviously safe play is important (especially when things get kinky) but, when you wrap your arms around me, I want to feel like nothing in the entire world can get me. I want the strength in your arms to soothe me in to sleep the same way the strength of your hands can rile me in to ecstasy.

5. Kink
I can play vanilla, I can get off on the mundane, I can enjoy the simple things but, every once and a while, I need you to go crazy. I need you to get my blood boiling with your fantasies until I lose control of myself and end up a puddle on the floor, quivering at your touch.

6. Intellect
I need to be able to have a conversation with you about something more profound than the weather. You would think that would be an easy find…

7. Opinions
We don’t need to agree but you need to be able to feel strongly enough about something to voice your opinion about it and stick to your guns.

8. Passion
For something. I want you to share your passions with me whether it is politics, photography, art, music or cooking. You need passion in your life or else how can you possibly be passionate in bed?

9. Patience
I can be difficult at times, like anyone. Ok, probably more than anyone. I am a roller coaster of ups and downs that you may never see coming. I like to pretend that it keeps things interesting but I know how trying it can be.

10. Open minded
I have a try anything once kind of attitude and I can’t imagine how boring life would be if I didn’t. I also do my best not to judge other people or their life styles. If you are a close minded asshole I’m not the girl for you.

So, that’s my list, in no particular order. I guess it is a pretty tall order to fill but I know it can be done. Did I miss anything?

Now that the weather is cooling down and my life is getting back in to a better routine (where did summer to?!) I should be better at writing. I hope you guys didn’t miss me too much. Thank the people who nagged me about my lack of updates for forcing my butt back in to gear.


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