On My Knees Again 

He stayed home this morning. It would seem that the brat coming out in full force this weekend wasn’t just going to be ignored like I had hoped. 
Sliding my collar around my neck and pulling it tight, he breathed softly in to my ear. As he put on the blindfold he ordered me in to position – hands and knees, arched back, spread just enough for easy access and head up – so he could put on my cuffs. Concentrating on my ass with the leather flogger he quickly ramped up to hard blows all over my back and thighs. 

“I thought this one was too soft?” He laughed as I struggled to keep position. Maintenance was going to be easy this week. 
Then he grabbed his Christmas paddles and layed one softly across my back. I trembled and immediately dropped flat on the bed. I hate those things with a passion. He allowed it for a few minutes as he reassured me that everything would be alright. Did I trust him? Yes. Did I want to be a good girl? Yes. Did I love him? Of course. He guided me back to my knees. 

Now that he had my reluctant approval he was going to show me what submission would mean for now on. I had begged him for this just a few nights before. I desperately demanded him to put me back in place, complained that I felt lost without his firm hand. I wanted this. I needed it. 

The hard wood maybe contact with my soft flesh over and over again. I cried out I’m desperation but my pleading was only muffled by the gag in my mouth. Every time I faltered I felt his hands pull me up again: A gentle reminder to stay arched and a firm swat to drive the point home. 


I was going to be obedient, right? Yes, Daddy. 


And respectful? 

Yes, Daddy. 

As he punctuated my new expectations with hard blows to my thighs I felt calm wash over me. Yes, I would be kneeling by the bed waiting every night. Yes, I was Daddy’s slut. Yes, I would behave. He reminded me that good girls get cuddles and bad girls get bruises. With each lick of the paddle, he reminded me that love and guidance comes in many forms. He reminded me that there was no better place than serving my husband. 
When we were done, aftercare turned in to something a bit more as I was allowed to please him in some of my favourite ways. As soon as he lowered his pants, revealing his big hard dick, I came. I didn’t even need his touch and my thighs were already drenched. His cock was plunged deeply down my throat as I gagged up thick spit that coated my face and tits. I kneeled as he face fucked me, not allowing me to let his cock fall out if my mouth. Good girls always finish the job. 

Trick .. or Treat?

I didn’t even plan to go out that night. School has been so busy I just wanted to curl up in bed with my vibrator and fall asleep early. But I had a costume and I wanted a drink. So I buckled my boots, tied my corset, grabbed a man and ran off to the local swinger’s bar.

I wasn’t looking for anything special on Saturday. I just needed to blow off some steam and, at most play around on the pole if some good music came on. It was just a fluke that, as I waited in line, I ran in to a couple. We exchanged a few words and (in classic Canadian tradition) I politely suggested that they could come say hi to me later.

They lasted less than 5 minutes before finding me on the couch. I was completely oblivious to what they were looking for so we sat there making more awkward small talk. The guy was tall with shoulder length hair tied up in a bun. She was small and quiet but you could feel her sexuality through every movement. I saw him lean over and whisper something to her, she got up obediently and walked over to my man. It seems she had been ordered to suck him off. Not to be outdone I started kissing this mysterious man. His kisses were not what I’m used to – they were rough and demanding. They were not the kisses of a man who was used to being told no. With one hand he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer, with the other he roughly spread my legs and started playing with my clit.

I felt my thighs get sticky and I suddenly needed his cock. I ached to feel it inside me but I knew I hadn’t earned it yet. I pushed him off me and dropped to my knees. I know my place – on the floor, looking up with a cock in my mouth. I’m at home there and I do my job well. I thrust him down my throat until I gagged up that thick, sticky spit all over my tits. I was losing myself now. I don’t even notice the growing audience. It’s becoming a blur of pleasure – his and mine. I watched as if from above as his eyes rolled back and his strong hands controlled my head, maneuvering it until he was so deep I was gagging. Suddenly, he pulled me off and thrust me towards the couch. He walked off.

I turned my attention to the man I had come with. Sprawled back on the couch with his eyes closed he was enjoying her attention as she licked every inch of his throbbing cock. Jealous, I took the opportunity to go to work on his neck with my tongue. He moaned in appreciation and grabbed my tits. I came instantly. “Good girl” he growled. I came again.

Mystery Man came back and threw a condom at me. I fumbled with it, managed to get it open and climbed on top. It felt like a reward after an excellent cock sucking and I fucked him hard. He grabbed my hips and forced me into a slow, hard rhythm, growling orders as we went. I breathed through clenched teeth as I tried to control my orgasms. He threw me off again and forced me on to my back. His hand went to my throat and I raised my legs high and spread wide. It was his turn to fuck me hard. He grabbed my legs together and my stripper boots knocked loudly as the steady beat brought me to climax. I was dripping now. Animalistic. I couldn’t control my screams. I just kept coming. Again and again. I was a mess on the couch. Then it was her turn. She started slowly, licking my throbbing pussy with her tongue. She slowly started to ramp up and before a few minutes, I was moaning again. Her tongue made me sopping wet. Spit and cum mixed as I came on her outstretched tongue.

But the first man got impatient. He turned me over and shoved his cock deep inside me doggy style. I rocked back and forth and, yet again, it took a man’s strong hand to slow my rhythm and calm me down. If I was going to cum again, it would be on his terms. He shoved my head down on to the couch and grabbed my hips, fucked me softly and allowed another orgasm before he got rough. Then he hurt me. He fucked me so hard, I felt barely human. I was a fuckhole – just like I like it. I lost all sense of time as he screwed me from behind next to the stranger who had been ramming me just moments before, in front of all those people. I couldn’t breath as I came again and again in to the couch cushions, he didn’t give a fuck. I was there for his pleasure. Nothing more. I didn’t think I could take any more and yet he continued. Harder and harder he pounded me until finally I felt his body tense. Then a shudder and a moan as he filled my pussy with his warm cum.

Good girl. One down, one more to go


Some like it hot…

Maybe you can’t dance by the fire forever. Maybe it’s just too hot to be close to for too long. Maybe as the weeks turn in to months and then fade in to years you have to admit to yourself that vibrant exposure to heat isn’t healthy. 
But maybe that’s ok. 

Moving through life with the person you love beside you is a privilege denied to many. There’s nothing that says the fire has to go out. I hope it never does. I’m just saying that sometimes you need to take a step back and enjoy something a bit less intense so that when you approach it again you can recognize what you have. 

A relationship can’t survive solely on sweat and bruises and cum (although it can’t survive completely devoid of those things either), a relationship needs quiet moments and Sunday cuddles and giant stuffed bunnies too. You need to have days when you look over at the person you’ve chosen while they push a grocery cart and think to yourself “this is it. For the rest of our lives. This is it” and you need to be ecstatic about it. 

It’s not what I usually write, I know. I’m all for the stolen moments and rock hard cocks shoved in to every available hole. I just don’t want to give the impression that’s all there is when there’s so much more. 

I know that I get readers from all stages of life and, I’ve said before, I am the queen of the relationship emotional roller coaster. So it needs to be said: there will be days and weeks and months when the love is stronger than the lust. There will be moments when intimacy is more important than the ball gag under the bed. That’s ok. You’re ok. Keep up the good work, enjoy the moments – all of them – and be open to new experiences. They will come. 

The First Time

I was frozen there, naked on my hands and knees, waiting for him to come back up the stairs. As the seconds dragged on it became more and more evident that this was a huge mistake.

I don’t do pain. I don’t like it. I have no tolerance for it and the thought of it scares me. I’m the last person you want to give state secrets to – I will sing like a canary at the first sign of trouble.

I think about the sexy man looking for the dreaded implement and sigh, just a bit. He has gorgeous eyes and a soft smile… but he also has strong arms and quick hands. He isn’t one to back down when it comes time to put me back in my place – when he gives me that look there’s no doubt of what’s in store for me.

I hide under the blankets.

“You’re not in position”

“I’m too scared…..”

“Why? Is it going to hurt?”

I nod

“A little or a lot?” He locks eyes with me

I drop mine. “a lot” I whimper

He kisses me on the forehead. “In position baby”

There will be no getting out of this one. I know I asked for it earlier. I begged him for it and took a full blown tantrum until he complied. Deep down I wanted it, the pain that I had fantasized about for so long. I just didn’t know if I was strong enough to handle it now that the time had finally come.

Deep breathes. In. Out. In. Out. Slowly I turned over and raised myself on to my knees again, presenting myself to him. I whimpered as I felt the cold slender rod. This was a bad idea. He rubbed it back and forth on my ass while I tried to stay still. “Ready?”  I wanted to scream no but my head nodded.

He pulled back.

Stars exploded in my vision as he made contact with my exposed flesh. I dropped off my knees and whimpered in pain. “Up” he commanded and I was on my knees again. A firm hand guided my back in to an arch as I presented myself to him again. To my amazement I not only wanted more, my body craved it. My thighs were sticky and my knees were shaking as I waited for him to cane me again.

This time I took three in quick succession before dropping down. It hurt so much but the pain ignited a fire in me that I cannot explain. I needed those firm hands. I needed his strength. I needed him to hurt me. It made me feel like the dirty little whore I was.

Slowly, he led me through my first real encounter with extreme pain. One of two strikes at a time he brought me to the verge of tears. And the verge of orgasm. In between he held me in his arms and ruffled my hair before telling me I could handle more… I’m not sure why I believed him.

Although I pleaded with my best puppy dog eyes, I was not permitted my release. “Not yet” he whispered, obviously I was not to be given any reprieve from my pain. My pussy was throbbing as I tried not to cum. The feeling of his hand on the small of my back sent shivers up my spine. I dripped on the bed unable to control my body’s reaction to his cane. I was his whore tonight. Just a filthy little slut with a wet hole and a soft ass begging to be hurt.

“Hit me” I begged him over and over again. I fell to my knees. I got back up. I fell again. I was comforted and guided back up. One strike at a time, his patience unbounding, I found my inner pain slut.

He pressed himself against me to steady me and told me we were almost done. I had been a very good girl, one more strike would do it. Do what? I’m not sure. If he was hoping to banish the brat for a little bit he was certainly on the right track. I relaxed and he pulled back again. It made contact. Hard. I screamed out as I fell on to my knees and my hands went right back to feel the swelling welt he had left but he already had somehow caught me in his arms.

“Shhh” he comforted me softly “you did so good baby girl. It’s done now”

And it was, almost. He guided me on to my back and spread my legs wide. I shook with pain and adrenaline. I had fantasized about this for so long and I had finally done it. The pain subsided in to pleasure as he coaxed me in a shaking mess on the bed. I came fast and hard until he had to pin me down to keep me from shaking. My ass, crushed underneath me, serving as the ultimate reminder.
I am his.

How to handle being stood up 

It happened, for the first time in my life I got stood up! So what is a girl to go, all alone and not nearly drunk enough? 
Easy, get that sexy ass up and sit at the bar. Look, I know it’s not easy. I was completely mortified for at least two pathetic drinks alone in my booth. I’m still kind of in shock that he made excuses half the night and didn’t show. But it lead to one of the best nights I’ve ever in my life. 
And it all started with getting up, sitting next to a failed bluegrass rockstar with a huge beard and saying “I think I just got stood up”. Then he introduced me to some guy from out of town. Then his friends showed up. And then the drinks were flowing. And then I didn’t remember their names. And the music was shitty. And the waitresses were hot. And I was in the bathroom with some guy trying to convince me that he was gods gift to women. 
I don’t know who paid the bar tab. I don’t know how many mystery numbers turned up on my phone. All I know is it started with some guy standing me up on a Tuesday night and it ended with me awkwardly kicking another guy out of my front door. 
I woke up to three thousand texts but one intrigued me, “did you go home with that?” So obviously not awkward guy from my front door right? A couple of options sprung to mind and I decided to explore. He mentionned he was heading back to his out of town home later and I’m in class most days so we should set up a quick lunch. Why not?
As I walked out of school my hungover magically subsided and heart began to race. Which one was this? The business man? The cute hipster? The annoying one playing a game? I glanced around and couldn’t spot any familiar faces. Out of the corner of my ear I heard an authoritative voice complaining about liquidated capital. Slowly, I turned and there he was. Maybe a hipster by night but he sure did clean up nice. The dress shirt caressed his broad chest. The pants showing just the hint of a bulge. Jackpot. 
Lunch was a weird mix of sexual innuendos and first date chit chat. I had given up on anything exciting… Then we got in to the car and he casually placed his hand on my lap. I could work with that. I locked in to his eyes and spread my legs just slightly. A slight gasp escaped his lips and he tentatively moved his hand further up, bit by bit, until his fingers finally hit their mark. Now it was my turn to sigh. I could feel his confidence growing as he expertly navigated traffic and brought my pussy to orgasm. 
“You need to find a place to park. Now” 
Longest 5 minutes of my life as I desperately licked his neck and felt his cock rise in anticipation. We found a quiet street off the main road. I quickly undid my seatbelt and thrust my face in to his lap. 

“Get out of the car”
Excuse me? Was he kicking me out?! Had a lost my touch?
“Get out. Now”. 
Confused, I did. But he was right behind me pushing me in to an alley between two houses. I dropped to my knees, thanking God for the mild autumn weather, and he finally unleashed his cock. I lapped at it hungrily before finally shoving it far down my throat. We played for a bit, him manipulating my face in to the best positions. Then he brought me up and threw me against the wall. I wasn’t in the mood to be fucked. I just wanted the chance to please the guy who took me out for lunch. I sucked as I used my hands to massage his balls. The thrill of being caught by the passerbys on the other side of the street made me shiver without so much as a hand on me. 
He seemed oblivious to the danger but I felt like a naughty little girl hiding underneath the bleachers during a football game. My enthusiasm continued growing until I became like an addict. I couldn’t get enough. Not enough spit. Not enough hands. Not enough cock. Never enough. It didn’t take long before his body seized up and I rewarded for being such a good girl with a nice load down my throat. 
He says he’ll come visit the next time he’s in town but honestly… I hope I get stood up. 


Life has been too stressful. I try to do little things to blow off the steam but it feels like the pressure is continuing to mount. I have no patience left, no desire to be a responsible grownup, everything is setting me off.
It seems the only time I have to myself is as I lay awake at night staring at the ceiling. I just can’t take it anymore. I was with you last night but, even after a few too many, I pushed aside your advances. I can’t do this to myself again. Yes, it’s selfish and I know how it tears you up inside but I have to protect myself. You called me on it as usual but I don’t think you understand the real problem. You see me as a heartless tease but, the truth is, that little bit of hope you dangle in front of me is enough to send me over the edge. I might do something rash, something I won’t be able to take back and my whole world will come apart. There are too many scenarios that end in disaster.

Like calling a cab and showing up at your door. You look confused but you let me in; By some miracle, you’re home and she isn’t. You open your mouth to speak but I kiss you instead. For once you’re the hesitant one, I’m the aggressor. We stumble through the living room in search of your bed. Your hands, always a bit too rough, tear at my flesh. You bite my lips. Grab my hair and pull. For a guy that feeds me such romantic notions you always send me home with bruises.

Do you think you’re dreaming? Have you built it up too much in your head? I don’t want to disappoint you. We won’t be opening up old wounds tonight. This changes nothing between us, I just need you inside of me. I need to be with someone that idolized me. I’m selfish.

The back of my legs hit your bed frame and you push me on to it. I would expect you to just hike up my skirt and thrust inside of me but you don’t. You take the time to peel off my clothing piece by piece. You run your fingers all over the bare flesh, kissing it as it becomes exposed. You struggle with my bra. You shake with excitement. You adore every single inch of my body before allowing me to undo your pants.

Your cock is so hard it springs out of your zipper with enough force to hurt. I pounce. You’ve been telling me for years that I’m the best blowjob you’ve ever had, is that still true? I use my tongue to make sure every inch is dripping in spit before I shove it down my throat. I work it and gag on it until that lusciously thick saliva is running down my face on to my tits. You deserve at least that much but, honestly, I’m not here for you.

I lay on my back and let you worship my body again. Your fingers make my skin prickle and your tongue makes me shudder. I want to feel you want me. I grab your dick and slide it inside of me. You say you have to picture me to get off with her, now you’ve got the real thing. Don’t waste it. You thrust hard for a few pumps and make me cum hard. When I open my eyes I can see you giving me that look, the feelings rush to the surface. Unacceptable. I quickly manoeuvre into doggy and beg you to fuck me harder. I need you to finish. I’m losing control of the situation.

Your rough hands grab my waist and force my whole body back and forth, it hurts but I keep coming. I can feel your body tense up and I know you’re close too. Thankful, I buck back harder and harder until I feel that telltale shudder and you explode inside of me. The only thing you say is the one thing I feared you would, the one thing I feared you wouldn’t, “I love you”.

I quickly gather my clothes and leave you on the bed, alone and confused. I’ve done it again, I’ve messed it all up. But, this time, at least you got to cum does that mean you’ll forgive me?

Anal slut

Can I just start by saying that I hate anything anywhere near my ass? I’ve done it on and off for years but it takes a lot of convincing, tons of trust and, usually, a little alcohol for me to even consider it. Lately though I’ve been in a bit of a weird place sexually. I’m almost desperate to push my limits, to feel naughty. I want to feel dirty and be brought back to my submissive mindset. Considering everything that I’ve experimented with and enjoyed, it takes something special to get me to the point where my partner can lean in to my ear and say “really? This is what it takes to get you off? You really are a dirty slut”. I want to be covered in sweat and spit, I crave being covered in lube and cum. I like it.

But, I’m straying from my point. I really thought that anal was something that we endured because we are nice people. You did it once a year to make your man happy while you “moaned” through clenched teeth and prayed that the tightness of that particular hole would facilitate a quick finish. It wasn’t that the people I did this with were trying to hurt me or anything. I’m sure that they wanted me to enjoy it, even if for no other reason than to be able to do it again. But, I just didn’t. I made an effort and did all the “right” things, tried all the suggestions I received but I still just wanted to cry or scream every time …until last weekend.

I was lucky to be with one of the most sexually talented men I’ve ever had a chance to play with. We’re comfortable together and a good match in bed. Chemistry. We were enjoying a nice long fuck when I blurted out “I need something in my ass!” And he was happy to oblige. ( tip: use more lube. I’m not talking about spit or cum, I suggest a good silicon based product and however much you think is enough? Use more. Trust me. ) He left me on my back and slowly eased his finger inside of me. I gasped a little at the discomfort but felt myself get really wet and had to wonder if this time would be different. As he worked his finger in and out, slowly moving in circles to stretch me open and get the lube all over, I moaned steadily. (Tip: go slower, there’s no rush. Start with a single finger and use your other hand to massage the clit. If it hurts, stop moving but don’t remove your finger. Entering and exiting is the worst part so you can always try moving in circles instead). I’m already enjoying that taboo feeling of having my ass violated so when he orders me to cum I’m already in ecstasy. I feel him slip another finger inside me. It still hurts but I enjoy a bit of pain… I’m not one to complain.

We go on like this for a while. He keeps adding more lube and teasing me open while coaxing more orgasms with his other hand and his lips caressing my tits. Then I see the look in his eyes change and I know that, finally, he’s in full Dom mode. Thank god. He kisses my lips hard and pulls his fingers out of my ass. A wave of pain shudders across my body but I’m ready for it, I’m ready for anything.

I’m told to get on my hands and knees, to spread myself open for him. I quickly obey, it’s not the time to be a brat. He leans over to whisper in my ear and I feel his hard cock waiting. More lube as he slowly rubs a finger over my hole, I take it inside greedily. I’m ready. I want this. I need it.

“Tell me you’re a slut”
“I’m an anal slut, Sir. Your good little anal slut”

I’m rewarded. The top of his massive member pushed its way in. I feel so full, so satisfied but man does it ever hurt. I beg him not to move. It feels like he’s ripping me apart. He smooths my hair and makes soothing noises in my ear while reassuring me that I’m a good girl and he’s proud of me. We stay like that for a few minutes and my ass starts to relax. I slowly push back and let as much of him as I can stand inside me. He starts to move in an out slowly. Not much, just ever so slightly as he reaches around to make sure I cum again.

More. I need more. I rear back and try to fight through the pain but he stops me. A sharp smack reminds me that he’s in charge and soft words remind me it’s because he doesn’t want me to hurt myself. I try to calm down but I feel like I’m in heat. I’ll gladly suffer through the pain if it means I get to cum that hard.

“So, this is what it takes to turn you in to a filthy slut, is it? Good girl”
Those magic words make me cum almost more than I can take. He pulls out and finishes all over my ass and back. Only a few minutes later we start all over again.

Maybe I’m a convert because he’s been filling my ass up everyday this week and I’m on my knees begging for more.